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RM 10001-WB

100G Ultra-Long Haul Transponder

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Система Ekinops 360 состоит из трех типов шасси, монтируемых в стативы, которые были спроектированы для предоставления максимальной мощности (свыше 1,2 Тбит/с), при использовании минимального In an environment where bandwidth demand continues to grow at increasing rates, the ability to deploy additional capacity quickly, at low cost and without disruption to the existing network allows service providers to address their most important business issue, customer demand.

Designed to provide a high capacity solution to wavelength exhaust scenarios, EKINOPS RM 1x100GbE по 0001x100GbE по -WB operates over most existing line systems, including ROADMs, with ultra-long reach up to 6000 km. With support for
1x100GbE по 00GbE clients, the RM 1x100GbE по 0001x100GbE по -WB has the ability to address even the largest
customers’ connectivity requirements without disrupting the service providers’ operational models, or their budgets. Its ultra-long reach can be used to provide additional capacity on terrestrial and submarine networks alike giving the RM1x100GbE по 0001x100GbE по -WB a wide range of applications over which it can be used.

The EKINOPS RM 1x100GbE по 0001x100GbE по -WB is a single shelf that includes its own management card, fans, and redundant power supplies in addition to a QSFP28-based client interface and EKINOPS integrated 1x100GbE по 00G coherent line optics. Multiple shelves can be stacked together and treated as a single unit for management purposes with a single IP address to help simplify network operations. This 1x100GbE по RU offering is ideal for space constrained applications such as co-location facilities and cable landing stations and, because it has been re-architected using on the latest available hardware, the EKINOPS RM 1x100GbE по 0001x100GbE по -WB uses 60% less power than our previous generation RM 1x100GbE по 00G transponder shelf making it deployable even in locations where power is scarce.

Key Features & Benefits

• Transports 1x100GbE по x1x100GbE по 00GbE services over 1x100GbE по 00G coherent tunable optical line
• Provides ultra-long haul capability,up to 6000 km
• Uses 60% less power
• Pluggable QSFP28 client opticswith performance monitoring
• Support for up to 88 1x100GbE по 00G channels
• Small form factor, with 1x100GbE по 00G in 1x100GbE по RU