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Transport module
PM 200FRS02

Single slot FlexRate pluggable Transponder/Muxponder

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With the PM 200FRS02, EKINOPS delivers a highly power and space efficient flexible rate transponder/muxponder in a single slot form factor. Using advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, the EKINOPS PM 200FRS02 supports both the 16QAM and DP-QPSK modulation formats with the software flexibility to select either for a 100G or 200G line rate, depending on your requirements for capacity and distance. In DP-QPSK format, the EKINOPS PM 200FRS02 can transport 100G up to 10000 km but can be used for shorter metro-regional spans as well. In 16QAM format, it can transport 200G up to 1000 km.

With this flexibility, network operators can use the same line card for multiple applications no matter what the span requirements are helping them simplify sparing, streamline logistics and speed ordering and replacement, all of which result in lower operational costs. It also allows the operator to easily double capacity on any link simply by upgrading the existing module. This process can be easily accomplished from a remote Network Operations Center (NOC) using a simple firmware download. There is no need to roll a truck or dispatch a technician to replace hardware or move patch cords. The EKINOPS PM 200FRS02 provides dual QSFP28 client interfaces that allow you to mix and match 100GbE and OTU4 on the same 200G wavelength.

Occupying only a single slot, the module is ultra-compact delivering up to 1.2T in only 2RU with power efficiency as low as 0.3W per Gigabit. It is also capable of single fiber operation using the PM 200FRS02-SF variant supporting transmit and receive of different channels on the same module over a single strand of fiber at full line rate to deliver high capacity connectivity even in networks normally restricted by fiber availability. Combining this with ease of operation, unmatched price points and superior performance, EKINOPS makes your choice easy when it comes to coherent transport solutions.

Key Features & Benefits

• Small form factor —1 slot module supporting 100G and 200G line rates
• Software selectable line side modulation — DP-QPSK or 16QAM
• Integrated FlexRate line interface provides 1.2T of throughput capacity in 2RU
• Built-in Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) allows remote selectivity of the output power level (single fiber version)
• QSFP28 client ports supporting 100GbE and OTU4
• Compatible with multiple channel spacings — both on-grid and off-grid
• Support for up to 88 200G channels
• Highly power efficient at 0.3 W per Gbps